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Our Artwork

A glimpse into Maureen Sawyer's three dimensional artwork featured at Southlands
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Inspiration for Maureen’s work has always come from natural sources and the plants in the garden provide unlimited starting points for her recent three dimensional constructions that are created with the use of mixed media. All have their own intrinsic quality and none can be reproduced. Maureen’s work has been shown in many galleries across the U.K. A limited selection of work is exhibited to view and purchase when the garden is open to the public. Maureen accepts commissions.

Artist Maureen Sawyer
Artist paintbrush

In my work, I have attempted an intrinsic duality of interests, where both image making and direct involvement in horticulture provide a balanced integration of colour, form, pattern and texture. Images have been developed from initial enquiry recorded through drawing and photographic methods. Each mixed media construction aims to capture the essential nature of the subject matter. By containing them within closed spaces, a jewel –like precious quality is intended, forcing observation at close quarters, but at the same time excluding all tactile involvement

Open Day for the National Garden Scheme
Sunday 21th July 2024 from 12pm‑5.30pm
Entrance Fee: £5.00